My Journey and Cure of Prostate Cancer

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

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Reduce Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects

This is going to be my urologist for care moving forward. He is also my dad’s urologist too!

He works at Evergreen in Kirkland and Poulsbo Wa. He was the co-founder of the Peninsula Cancer Center.

I am meeting with him on 9/7/18 at 3pm in Poulsbo. I am going to trust his guidance and recommendations and trust in Jesus Christ to guide him.
God Bless,

Change of Plans……. GOD’s intervention

Ireceived an email today from a doctor that I had forgot I reached out to. I must have sent him information about my situation and what to do. The TRULY ironic twist is this is the same Urologist that my dad is seeing in Poulsbo Washington and just recently diagnosed my father with a tumor in his prostate. My dad is going to have a MRI biopsy in a few weeks.

This is the mail that I got back today:
You should a radiation oncologist ASAP , regardless of what Dr Porter says.
Dr Alex Hsi is the best in the region
In paulsbo and also at evergreen hospital

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John E Sylvester Interview on YouTube.
21st Century Oncology, Inc.
8946 77th Terrace East
Lakewood Ranch Florida 34202
941-907-9473 Fax

What is even more WEIRD is that a testimonial on their website is the same symptoms that I have had:

Pretty interesting article on protecting the rectum during radiation. Dr. Alex Hsi was the first to do it!

I scheduled an appointment with him for 9/26/18 and I am not going to do anything or worry any more as I feel GOD has intervened here and changed my course of treatment. I am going to move away from Swedish and canceling my appointment with Dr. Eulua that is scheduled for 8/29/18. This recommendation from John Sylvester has changed my course of action. Apparently Dr. Alex Hsi is considered on of the best. And it’s more interesting that from across the entire United States (Florida) that this doctor Sylvester would know of Dr. Hsi here in Poulsbo WA. Or Kirland Everegreen where I will see him!

I need to cancel my appointment with Dr. Eulua today. Done!

Video of Dr. Alex Hsi
Prostate Cancer Study

God Bless,
Brian 🙂

8/21/18 the day before my 15th year anniversary from my Aortic Dissection

I am so thankful to GOD for allowing me to continue down this journey of life. Tomorrow will be 15 years since I was playing tennis with my good friend Jack Follis out on the clay. It’s a MIRACLE that I am still here today and still playing tennis. I am so relieved to have been having the GOOD LORD watching over me.

Now, my 2 year anniversary from my PC is coming on up 8/27/18 and I just hope and PRAY that my PSA stays low and under the 0.03 range. I have asked several well known doctors what to do and they all say, the PSA that low (0.014) is considered non detectable still.

I made an appointment per Dr. James Porter to go see Stephen M. Eulau, M.D.. I think Dr. Porter just wanted to get me to calm down and actually hear from another well respected doctor about my condition. I am looking forward to meeting w/him, I just hope I never have to see him again! 🙂

I am going to try the aspirin a day and Pomegranate supplement as I hear that they can help.

Have a great day!
Brian 🙂

OK.. Time to come back to LOGICAL thinking and reflect on what these experts are saying

Ihave got a few expert responses to my questions about if my PSA rising recently to 0.014 is something to be concerned about. I feel a lot better that now that I have had a chance to reflect, I think that GOD’s still got a plan for me and that is to stick with the 3 month psa testing until told something else.

The support from and the HealthUnlocked are 2 Excellent sources of support!!!!

I reached out to the one of the CyberKnife experts and this was his response:

I ended up thinking that the “CyberKnife” might be a good route if needed. So, I reached out to one of the experts and sent him my pathology report as well as my psa history: I am really relieved with this comments:
Mr. Tinsley,

Thank you for your interest in First Dayton CyberKnife. Dr. Hughes is indeed an expert in SBRT.
I shared with him your email and this is his response:

“There is no reason to “freak out.” The PSA levels are certainly consistent with no evidence of disease. The sensitivity of the PSA test is not accurate to even 2, let alone 3 decimal places. I would not worry about salvage treatment unless the PSA is in the 0.4 ng/mL range, if ever. CyberKnife is not appropriate but rather IMRT with concurrent androgen deprivation therapy.”

He also recommends that if you continue to have concerns or any returning/increased symptoms to see your trusted urologist as soon as possible. There can be several causes of a slightly variable PSA or urological symptoms.

All the best,

Kathy Corbett, CMM, CMOM
Practice Administrator
(937) 293-2273
2632 Woodman Center Court
Dayton, OH 45420

I had also reached out to another expert as well: Dr. Catalona:

I recommend that you have salvage radiation therapy if it turns out that your PSA is truly rising, although there are other options such as watchful waiting (you may miss your second chance to be cured) or hormonal therapy (not curative). You could be treated at any large, modern facility near where you live or work with IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy). Call the department of radiation oncology and tell them that need salvage radiation therapy for prostate cancer with IMRT and that you would like an appointment with the radiation oncologist who has the most experience in treating prostate cancer. William J Catalona, MD

Your PSA appears to be creeping up, which is surprising given your favorable pathology report, except for the Gleason 4+5 grade. I recommend that you go to a Quest laboratory for a special PSA test called, “post-prostatectomy PSA with HAMA treatment.” This checks to see if you have any interfering antibodies in your blood that could be giving false-positive results. If there are no HAMA antibodies, and your PSA continues to rise, I would recommend early salvage radiotherapy. Please see my website ( and search on “HAMA” and “salvage radiotherapy” for further information. William J. Catalona, MD

Game Plan …..

[I] am wondering if I made the right decision about the RP operation at Swedish Hospital with Dr. James Porter. But, in retrospect I thought I made the correct one and honestly, and based on my Gleason score, 5-4=9, I don’t think anyone could have done it better than James. Fast forward to my approaching 2 year anniversary, 8/22/18… And my last PSA of 0.014, I am now kind of freaking and have the following game plan.

1. Cut down on Sugars and crappy food like cookies and icecream.
2. I am scheduled to see Dr. Evan Yu on 8/29.
3. I made appointments today with. Dr. Corman whom I originally saw at Virgina Mason and he did my biopsy and I was going to have him do my surgery. I really like what I have read on the web about VM and their cancer staff and I want to get his advice. 9/6/18 at 09:45am appointment.
4. At 11am I have an appointment with the head of the Radiation Oncology Department there, Dr. K. Ray Badiozamani, MD to get his advice.

Now…. I am just trying to remain positive and be proactive about what is the best course of action.
I told the doctor at Swedish Radiation that I was seeking other alternatives/places for assistance. I might see him if I don’t like what I hear. But, I am very confident that I will be able to get the best path for success to BEAT this!

I found a couple other resources:
1. The Best Prostate Cancer Blogs of the Year 2017
2. The 10 best prostate cancer blogs
3. Prostate Foundation Blog:
4. Dan’s Journey w/PC
5. Health Unlocked:

That’s it for now 🙂

Wow……….. 8/15/2018

[I] can’t believe my last post was my son leaving to WSU last year. Ironically, he just left about a week ago for WSU for 2018-2019 school year. Except this year, he’s got his newer 4Runner which he was so excited to have to drive over. It’s going to be 2 years on 8/27/18 since my Prostate Surgery. I just had my last PSA test about a week ago and my PSA was detected at the lowest level apparently possible of 0.014. So, of course, I am freaking out that this is basically a death sentence and how your mind plays tricks on you thinking that you are back to square one and just hearing that you have aggressive PC again!!! It turns out too that my father is now finding out his PSA is up and is having a Pelvic MRI on Friday the 17th.

I am taking matters into my own hands and trying to figure out what is the best route to take if in fact my PSA is rising. I found Evan Evan Ya-Wen Yu MD while researching the SCCA site and looking into perhaps Proton Therapy to utilize. So, I am meeting with him on the 28th of this month. He said to me that unless my PSA was at 0.03 he wouldn’t do anything and I am going to rely on his expertise to help me find the best path to take action. Again, I am trying to be proactive as granted the PSA is detected as being the lowest level possible – I am still concerned that it’s registering.

I am also coming up on my 15 year anniversary of my Open Heart Surgery for my aortic dissection. I can’t believe it and granted my aortic valve is at a moderate leak, my aorta has still remained stable.

I am realizing that Jesus Christ and my faith in him are my ONLY real hope of living day to day and being thankful for everything that I have.

Brian 🙂

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