About Me

My name is Brian S. Tinsley. Presently, I am married (24) years and have two beautiful kids (Olivia and Owen) and a beautiful wife. I am an avid tennis player and play competitively for my age division, men’s 55’s. I have been playing competitive tennis for 40+ years!

My journey with the PC happened as a result of my third attempt to get my left hip replaced. My general doctor as doing my physical pre-surgery and decided w/o my knowledge to order a PSA test too! I remember getting the call that my PSA was at a 5.0 and that I needed to see a urologist.

I ended up paying $1400.00 to go get a 3T Multi-parametri MRI and had Fergus at Oregon Health and Sciences review it. I happen (he said) to fall into the 10% where the cancer doesn’t show up. So, back to the Virginia Mason with Dr. Corman and the biopsy. I had 3 of my 12 cores show up with a Gleason 4+5=9 and remember he said to get down there and get a CT Scan and PET scan. I got both of them and ended up having Dr. James Porter at Swedish do my surgery. It was a RP with 12 lymph nodes removed on each side and my left nerve spared.

Today is 8/21/18 and it will be 2 years come 8/27/18 and my last PSA was 0.014. I freaked out and it was my own fault. Today, I am still doing the 3 month testing of the PSA and I actually have an appointment on 8/27/18 with DR. Eulau at Swedish Radiation Oncology. I am hoping I never have to have any Salvage Radiation or ANY FURTHER treatment and that the GOOD LORD got it all out of me.

God Bless,
Brian 🙂