Latest PSA Results


I had my first colonoscopy today at 56 and it came back with just one small palop. The doctor told my wife everything went well. The prep sucks and the fire in the rear is not fun… But… thanks t the GOOD LORD… all went well.

Also, I had my latest PSA done.. Here’s my numbers:

PSA Results

IDDatePSA ScoreLocation of TestComments
110/12/2016<0.015Dr. Porters OfficeLab Corp
610/26/20180.011Lab Corp ProvidenceLab Corp
52/15/2017<0.015Dr. Porters OfficeLab Corp
22/2/20180.009Dr. Porters OfficeLab Corp
34/16/20180.008Dr. Porters OfficeLab Corp
48/9/20180.014Dr. Porters OfficeLab Corp
83/08/2019<0.1SSCA Dr. H S ILab Corp
97/17/20190.011SSCA Dr. H S ILab Corp
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