Whoooooooosh… PSA Still Low…..

I got my PSA test done last week. It was Wednesday and it turns out the LabCorp location was right near my house. I had gone to see Dr. HSI who is the Radiation Oncologist who is taking care of my dad’s PC issues. Well, after my test, I thought I would just wait and check it on the portal in a few days. Well, Thursday I get a call from Dr. HSI and it blew me away – as I never had a call the next day from a doctor about a blood test. So, I immediately run into the conference room and brace myself for the bad news. But… GOD’s miracles continue with me and he said that my PSA was a 0.011 down from my last one of 0.014.

I was so relieved to find out my PSA was remaining low and undetectable.

I also went to the ED doctor and she was very knowledgeable and told me that the prescription I had got from Dr. Porter’ assistant was the incorrect one. So, she prescribed 2 of the 3 medicines in the TRI-MIX formula and not the 1 that I had tried one time and it didn’t work.

Have a great day!
Jesus Christ IS coming soon…. VERY SOON!
Brian 🙂

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