New Method for Detecting and Managing Prostate Cancer | UCLAMDCHAT Webinars

Granted this is from 2 years ago, this seems like the ticket to get with your PSA begins to comeback after a RP or even radiation treatment. This type of PetScan seems to be able to find the cancer without guessing where the cancer might be coming from.

I am going to ask Dr. Hsi when I meet with him on the 7th of September.

Clinical Trials Using Gallium Ga 68-labeled PSMA-11

PSMA-PET Agents Poised to Advance Imaging in Prostate Cancer

PSMA PET/CT clearly differentiates prostate cancer from benign tissue

Prostate-Specific PET Scans

Dr Remy Lim – PSMA PET Scan: A New Frontier in Imaging of Prostate Cancer

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