Change of Plans……. GOD’s intervention

Ireceived an email today from a doctor that I had forgot I reached out to. I must have sent him information about my situation and what to do. The TRULY ironic twist is this is the same Urologist that my dad is seeing in Poulsbo Washington and just recently diagnosed my father with a tumor in his prostate. My dad is going to have a MRI biopsy in a few weeks.

This is the mail that I got back today:
You should a radiation oncologist ASAP , regardless of what Dr Porter says.
Dr Alex Hsi is the best in the region
In paulsbo and also at evergreen hospital

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John E Sylvester Interview on YouTube.
21st Century Oncology, Inc.
8946 77th Terrace East
Lakewood Ranch Florida 34202
941-907-9473 Fax

What is even more WEIRD is that a testimonial on their website is the same symptoms that I have had:

Pretty interesting article on protecting the rectum during radiation. Dr. Alex Hsi was the first to do it!

I scheduled an appointment with him for 9/26/18 and I am not going to do anything or worry any more as I feel GOD has intervened here and changed my course of treatment. I am going to move away from Swedish and canceling my appointment with Dr. Eulua that is scheduled for 8/29/18. This recommendation from John Sylvester has changed my course of action. Apparently Dr. Alex Hsi is considered on of the best. And it’s more interesting that from across the entire United States (Florida) that this doctor Sylvester would know of Dr. Hsi here in Poulsbo WA. Or Kirland Everegreen where I will see him!

I need to cancel my appointment with Dr. Eulua today. Done!

Video of Dr. Alex Hsi
Prostate Cancer Study

God Bless,
Brian 🙂

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