8/21/18 the day before my 15th year anniversary from my Aortic Dissection

I am so thankful to GOD for allowing me to continue down this journey of life. Tomorrow will be 15 years since I was playing tennis with my good friend Jack Follis out on the clay. It’s a MIRACLE that I am still here today and still playing tennis. I am so relieved to have been having the GOOD LORD watching over me.

Now, my 2 year anniversary from my PC is coming on up 8/27/18 and I just hope and PRAY that my PSA stays low and under the 0.03 range. I have asked several well known doctors what to do and they all say, the PSA that low (0.014) is considered non detectable still.

I made an appointment per Dr. James Porter to go see Stephen M. Eulau, M.D.. I think Dr. Porter just wanted to get me to calm down and actually hear from another well respected doctor about my condition. I am looking forward to meeting w/him, I just hope I never have to see him again! 🙂

I am going to try the aspirin a day and Pomegranate supplement as I hear that they can help.

Have a great day!
Brian 🙂

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