OK.. Time to come back to LOGICAL thinking and reflect on what these experts are saying

Ihave got a few expert responses to my questions about if my PSA rising recently to 0.014 is something to be concerned about. I feel a lot better that now that I have had a chance to reflect, I think that GOD’s still got a plan for me and that is to stick with the 3 month psa testing until told something else.

The support from HealingWell.com and the HealthUnlocked are 2 Excellent sources of support!!!!

I reached out to the one of the CyberKnife experts and this was his response:

I ended up thinking that the “CyberKnife” might be a good route if needed. So, I reached out to one of the experts and sent him my pathology report as well as my psa history: I am really relieved with this comments:
Mr. Tinsley,

Thank you for your interest in First Dayton CyberKnife. Dr. Hughes is indeed an expert in SBRT.
I shared with him your email and this is his response:

“There is no reason to “freak out.” The PSA levels are certainly consistent with no evidence of disease. The sensitivity of the PSA test is not accurate to even 2, let alone 3 decimal places. I would not worry about salvage treatment unless the PSA is in the 0.4 ng/mL range, if ever. CyberKnife is not appropriate but rather IMRT with concurrent androgen deprivation therapy.”

He also recommends that if you continue to have concerns or any returning/increased symptoms to see your trusted urologist as soon as possible. There can be several causes of a slightly variable PSA or urological symptoms.

All the best,

Kathy Corbett, CMM, CMOM
Practice Administrator
(937) 293-2273
2632 Woodman Center Court
Dayton, OH 45420

I had also reached out to another expert as well: Dr. Catalona:

I recommend that you have salvage radiation therapy if it turns out that your PSA is truly rising, although there are other options such as watchful waiting (you may miss your second chance to be cured) or hormonal therapy (not curative). You could be treated at any large, modern facility near where you live or work with IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy). Call the department of radiation oncology and tell them that need salvage radiation therapy for prostate cancer with IMRT and that you would like an appointment with the radiation oncologist who has the most experience in treating prostate cancer. William J Catalona, MD

Your PSA appears to be creeping up, which is surprising given your favorable pathology report, except for the Gleason 4+5 grade. I recommend that you go to a Quest laboratory for a special PSA test called, “post-prostatectomy PSA with HAMA treatment.” This checks to see if you have any interfering antibodies in your blood that could be giving false-positive results. If there are no HAMA antibodies, and your PSA continues to rise, I would recommend early salvage radiotherapy. Please see my website (www.drcatalona.com) and search on “HAMA” and “salvage radiotherapy” for further information. William J. Catalona, MD

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