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[I] am wondering if I made the right decision about the RP operation at Swedish Hospital with Dr. James Porter. But, in retrospect I thought I made the correct one and honestly, and based on my Gleason score, 5-4=9, I don’t think anyone could have done it better than James. Fast forward to my approaching 2 year anniversary, 8/22/18… And my last PSA of 0.014, I am now kind of freaking and have the following game plan.

1. Cut down on Sugars and crappy food like cookies and icecream.
2. I am scheduled to see Dr. Evan Yu on 8/29.
3. I made appointments today with. Dr. Corman whom I originally saw at Virgina Mason and he did my biopsy and I was going to have him do my surgery. I really like what I have read on the web about VM and their cancer staff and I want to get his advice. 9/6/18 at 09:45am appointment.
4. At 11am I have an appointment with the head of the Radiation Oncology Department there, Dr. K. Ray Badiozamani, MD to get his advice.

Now…. I am just trying to remain positive and be proactive about what is the best course of action.
I told the doctor at Swedish Radiation that I was seeking other alternatives/places for assistance. I might see him if I don’t like what I hear. But, I am very confident that I will be able to get the best path for success to BEAT this!

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That’s it for now 🙂

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