Wow……….. 8/15/2018

[I] can’t believe my last post was my son leaving to WSU last year. Ironically, he just left about a week ago for WSU for 2018-2019 school year. Except this year, he’s got his newer 4Runner which he was so excited to have to drive over. It’s going to be 2 years on 8/27/18 since my Prostate Surgery. I just had my last PSA test about a week ago and my PSA was detected at the lowest level apparently possible of 0.014. So, of course, I am freaking out that this is basically a death sentence and how your mind plays tricks on you thinking that you are back to square one and just hearing that you have aggressive PC again!!! It turns out too that my father is now finding out his PSA is up and is having a Pelvic MRI on Friday the 17th.

I am taking matters into my own hands and trying to figure out what is the best route to take if in fact my PSA is rising. I found Evan Evan Ya-Wen Yu MD while researching the SCCA site and looking into perhaps Proton Therapy to utilize. So, I am meeting with him on the 28th of this month. He said to me that unless my PSA was at 0.03 he wouldn’t do anything and I am going to rely on his expertise to help me find the best path to take action. Again, I am trying to be proactive as granted the PSA is detected as being the lowest level possible – I am still concerned that it’s registering.

I am also coming up on my 15 year anniversary of my Open Heart Surgery for my aortic dissection. I can’t believe it and granted my aortic valve is at a moderate leak, my aorta has still remained stable.

I am realizing that Jesus Christ and my faith in him are my ONLY real hope of living day to day and being thankful for everything that I have.

Brian 🙂

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