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For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

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Experts in Prostate Cancer Care/Treatment Options

Expertscape: Leaders in Prostate Cancer HELP
December 2013
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World’s Top Institutions for Prostate Cancer
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World’s Top Specialists in Prostate Cancer
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Johns Hopkins University (Maryland)
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (New York City)
University of California San Francisco
University of Texas Houston (MD Anderson)
University of Michigan
NIH Bethesda (Maryland)
University of Washington (Seattle)
Duke University (North Carolina)
University of Toronto (Canada)
UCLA (Los Angeles)

Ian Thompson @ University of Texas San Antonio
Anthony D’Amico @ Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Matthew Smith @ Massachusetts General Hospital
Jonathan Epstein @ Johns Hopkins University
Stephen Freedland @ Duke University
Eric Small @ University of California San Francisco
Fritz Schröder @ Erasmus University Rotterdam
Peter Albertsen @ University of Connecticut Farmington
Peter Carroll @ University of California San Francisco

A few more changes

Iam going to see if I can give up my double short cappuccinos and replace them with Green Tea. I have been scouring the web about the affects of GREEN TEA and prostate cancer and it seems that there is some evidence that it can help. So, I have also realized that I used to drink a lot of milk and ate a lot of ice cream.Apparently, dairy is not good for you.. Unfortunately for me, at 55 better late than never. So, I just ordered my green tea and kettle to start drinking (trying) around 6 cups a day, or that is what one study I ready said to do.

I am trying my hardest to get sugar out of my diet as well as if I do eat any meat going forward, it needs to be grass fed.

I can do all things through JESUS CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME!

Brian 🙂

New Method for Detecting and Managing Prostate Cancer | UCLAMDCHAT Webinars

Granted this is from 2 years ago, this seems like the ticket to get with your PSA begins to comeback after a RP or even radiation treatment. This type of PetScan seems to be able to find the cancer without guessing where the cancer might be coming from.

I am going to ask Dr. Hsi when I meet with him on the 7th of September.

Clinical Trials Using Gallium Ga 68-labeled PSMA-11

PSMA-PET Agents Poised to Advance Imaging in Prostate Cancer

PSMA PET/CT clearly differentiates prostate cancer from benign tissue

Prostate-Specific PET Scans

Dr Remy Lim – PSMA PET Scan: A New Frontier in Imaging of Prostate Cancer

Have a great day!

Reduce Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects

This is going to be my urologist for care moving forward. He is also my dad’s urologist too!

He works at Evergreen in Kirkland and Poulsbo Wa. He was the co-founder of the Peninsula Cancer Center.

I am meeting with him on 9/7/18 at 3pm in Poulsbo. I am going to trust his guidance and recommendations and trust in Jesus Christ to guide him.
God Bless,

Change of Plans……. GOD’s intervention

Ireceived an email today from a doctor that I had forgot I reached out to. I must have sent him information about my situation and what to do. The TRULY ironic twist is this is the same Urologist that my dad is seeing in Poulsbo Washington and just recently diagnosed my father with a tumor in his prostate. My dad is going to have a MRI biopsy in a few weeks.

This is the mail that I got back today:
You should a radiation oncologist ASAP , regardless of what Dr Porter says.
Dr Alex Hsi is the best in the region
In paulsbo and also at evergreen hospital

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John E Sylvester Interview on YouTube.
21st Century Oncology, Inc.
8946 77th Terrace East
Lakewood Ranch Florida 34202
941-907-9473 Fax

What is even more WEIRD is that a testimonial on their website is the same symptoms that I have had:

Pretty interesting article on protecting the rectum during radiation. Dr. Alex Hsi was the first to do it!

I scheduled an appointment with him for 9/26/18 and I am not going to do anything or worry any more as I feel GOD has intervened here and changed my course of treatment. I am going to move away from Swedish and canceling my appointment with Dr. Eulua that is scheduled for 8/29/18. This recommendation from John Sylvester has changed my course of action. Apparently Dr. Alex Hsi is considered on of the best. And it’s more interesting that from across the entire United States (Florida) that this doctor Sylvester would know of Dr. Hsi here in Poulsbo WA. Or Kirland Everegreen where I will see him!

I need to cancel my appointment with Dr. Eulua today. Done!

Video of Dr. Alex Hsi
Prostate Cancer Study

God Bless,
Brian 🙂

8/21/18 the day before my 15th year anniversary from my Aortic Dissection

I am so thankful to GOD for allowing me to continue down this journey of life. Tomorrow will be 15 years since I was playing tennis with my good friend Jack Follis out on the clay. It’s a MIRACLE that I am still here today and still playing tennis. I am so relieved to have been having the GOOD LORD watching over me.

Now, my 2 year anniversary from my PC is coming on up 8/27/18 and I just hope and PRAY that my PSA stays low and under the 0.03 range. I have asked several well known doctors what to do and they all say, the PSA that low (0.014) is considered non detectable still.

I made an appointment per Dr. James Porter to go see Stephen M. Eulau, M.D.. I think Dr. Porter just wanted to get me to calm down and actually hear from another well respected doctor about my condition. I am looking forward to meeting w/him, I just hope I never have to see him again! 🙂

I am going to try the aspirin a day and Pomegranate supplement as I hear that they can help.

Have a great day!
Brian 🙂

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