Back from USTA Sectional Tennis Playoffs

[I] am back from last weekend’s playoffs in Lake Oswego Oregon. We lost in our Flight. Our first match against MAC, we lost 3-2 (3rd doubles lost in 3rd set TB), our second match vs Nordstrom (who we lost earlier in the regular season) we lost 3-2, with our number one singles player undefeated all year losing in a third set TB. We beat the 4th team out of Salem 3-2. We were right in there with a shot at Nationals. As MAC beat the winner of Flight B, 4-1. So, had we had our best 4.5 player, Dr. Steve with us, we’d be going to Nationals.

$980.00 expenese, plus another $100.00 to have to re-join Triple A! This weather inn the Texas area is really a sign from God. I believe that we will see some devastating earthquakes very soon.

My son has started WSU and he’s got a busy schedule along with pledging a fraternity. Hi is in Paul Allen’s frat.
Granted Paul didn’t go there that long, he really likes the pledge class and upper class-men. I just also heard my daughter’s new song that she is recording and it sounded great! My parents are leaving for an exciting adventure of travel to many places and I hope and pray for a safe trip.

I am watching the US Open on TV and getting ready to head to Yakima this weekend for their tennis tournament.
God Speed.
Brian 🙂

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