Finally back on the tennis court

[I] finally got out on the court today. I went to hit the ball against the wall at a nearby school and called in to see if there was any openings for the “drop in” tennis at 08:30am. I got a call and had a blast. Wow….. I am rusty to say the least. WD-40 was definitely needed……….My goodness how quickly you can lose it! I am thinking I might even enter the 4.5 Singles tournament on May 21-23rd just for fun!

I often go see the NiteWave band and their lead guitarist was recently diagnosed with PC stage IV. He had his surgery on the 4th of May and I am hoping that he’s able to get back on track. His life will never be the same, and the way things worked before, will definitely not work the same anymore. But……….life is all about living day by day. I hope he recovers soon so we can go back and watch him and that great band! If you have never seen them, you’re missing out!

The sun if finally coming out and I am enjoying watching the birds in the back yard -it’ so peaceful and one of my favorite things to do. Just watch and relax 🙂

Remember………..Jesus Christ is coming REAL soon…. Give Jesus a chance, you do NOT want to be here during the tribulation for sure!

Have a great day!

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