A must watch

[I] highly recommend this video and really let it sink in and pay attention to the sense of urgency…

Please understand that you might be like the person who thought………… Noah, you are flat out crazy…….And I don’t believe in that stuff about Jesus and I will be OK…. Brian……….. You have gone off the deep end and are just a crazy Christian… The Bible is not true and you are freaking out about nothing…. I hope you would not think that way. ..Rather…….. what if I am right, what if you woke up and all the Christians were gone in the Rapture? What if you had to adhere to the one world religion? What if you had to take the mark of the beast? What about your kids that vanished? What if you never EVER were able to see them again? What if you read the Revelation 12 sign and what if the Blood Moons were signed? What if I told you GOD can not LIE…… PERIOD.. EVER…. What if the rumors of wars and famines, petulance,earthquakes are all increasing in intensity. What if that sign in the Heavens on 9/23/2017 that hasn’t happened in 6000 years and forward 1000 years has never occurred? What if the generation that Jesus said would see these things happen since 1948 would come true? Here’s the problem, UNLESS you give your life to Jesus Christ prior to the Rapture, you are basically toast and it’s going to be hard to survive.
If you do give your life to Jesus after the Rapture, most likely it will cost you your life to do it. Here’s another problem… Find me one lie in the Bible? All these Wars coming up are ALL predicted to come to pass. There’s not a single thing in the Bible that is not a lie. What Jesus says, goes! Period. This world is not billions of years old, we didn’t come from monkeys. Think about it…………. How can the world go one very much longer? Jesus won’t allow his land to be divided….

I hope and pray that you will give your life to Jesus Christ before it’s too late. Follow this link to pray this prayer

I will see you in Heaven hopefully…. do NOT be fooled into thinking you are going to be able to just stick your head in the sand and think nothing will happen. 9/23/17 and beyond will be a new time like never before.

Brian 🙂

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