[I] believe I watched this video today from the Prophetic Scroll Website and it was a message to me and to share.

I think we all take for granted that GOD is loving and caring, a grandfather type of figure. However, and to my own reminder, he IS the creator and not someone to take lightly. PERIOD. The fear of the LORD is something that most churches are not teaching and brush it off as their members might be terrified of the TRUTH. Well, in my opinion, that means Christians are taking things at face value and miss the ETERNAL consequences that WILL happen for not fearing him.

Watch this video now

I learned a lot from this video and it did scare me into realizing just how MIGHTY the LORD GOD truly is.

I TRULY BELIEVE, we are going to see the rapture for sure in the fall of 2017. You do NOT want to miss it. So, give your heart/soul/mind over to Jesus Christ and believe on the LORD Jesus who went to the cross to die and shed his blood for your sins and remember, that’s not a free pass to sin. Repent from sins, ask for strength and if you DO realized that you are basically mocking GOD w/o the fear, I think it will help you greatly.

God Bless,
Brian 🙂

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