Saturday March 11, 2017

[I] am going on 3 weeks and one day since my total left hip replacement. I think I over did it a bit today. I walked a mile on the treadmill and did some stretching too. I still have not played any tennis and I am thinking that I should wait the 6 weeks before getting back into some light doubles. Tonight is our final USTA Men’s 40+ 4.5/5.0 league match vs the Nordstrom Tennis Center. I am the captain and have led our team to the playoffs and then sectionals the last 2 years and hoping we do even better this year -perhaps even going to Nationals.

If you happen to have your head in the sand, I suggest looking up and realizing just how close the return of Jesus Christ. My belief that the signs in the heaven’s this coming 9/23/17 and the former blood moons (4) and the coming eclipse in 2018 across the entire United States, it’s time to figure out why? I believe in the Pre-Tribulation rapture that states Jesus Christ will becoming back to take the church out and we’ll be in heaven while the 7 year Tribulation period is begun and Jesus Christ deals with the Jew’s and the Anti Christ.

The other main issue is that GOD is not going tolerate this world of SIN much longer. From what I gather, the Jubilee year is ending in 2017 and it supposed to be the final Jubilee and we are the last people on earth that will see this event (Jesus Returning to Rule the world from Israel) for the 1000 year millennium time frame, the bringing Heave down to earth and a new earth.

Wars and Rumor of wars, plagues, pestilences, earthquakes, droughts, you see all the issues that Satan is causing as they know the Anti Christ is coming soon.

God Bless,
Brian 🙂

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