Hip Surgery is over.. onward and upwards

[I] had my hip surgery on 2/17. It went well and I was home the next day. It’s now 5 days post surgery and slowing buy surely gaining strength and movement. I have been icing my leg quite a bit and I even went on an outing yesterday to the grocery store with my wife. I was a bit tired when I got back! I decided to take 2 weeks off from work and my problem is I am on my laptop 7*24 and check my emails and can’t seem to get away from work! 🙂

Switching gears, as far as my Prostate Cancer, I just had my second post RP test done last week and after my visit with Dr. James Porter as Swedish, my PSA was undetectable. That was my 6 months check up and he wants me to come back in 6 months for another test. I can ONLY PRAISE THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY for his help with this. I was a TRUE MIRACLE.

As you may know, I am a Christian. I believe that the bible is to be interpreted by the dispensations of the bible. Meaning, there are certain times in history where we are governed by certain times in the bible. In my case and in yours, this period is the Gospel according to Paul in which we are saved by Grace through faith that Jesus died and rose again on the third day and that by the shedding of his blood we are washed of our sins by Jesus paying the price. This “church” age period about to come to an end shortly. I believe with all my heart that it (rapture) of the church could happen this year, 2017. I am not a prophecy expert, but………… I have been studying and all my research as well as many others are showing that this church age is coming to an end very soon. I know many folks don’t believe in the bible or Jesus Christ and that’s too sad as I believe that the bible IS the word of GOD and that it does predict and layout the future of the world. The church must be removed to allow for the time where the Anti Christ will rule for 7 years during the tribulation. This time will be the most devastating on earth ever! Look for the signs in Heaven!

If you are not a Christian, you WILL be left behind to try and make it through this awful period. The people in Israel are looking for a sign, if you check out YouTube and search Revelation 12 or 9/23/17 dates, you will see that there is a SIGN coming in September of this year.

In summary, I can’t understand why ANYONE would not want to know about Jesus Christ? He is the ONLY way to the father and the time of judgement is just around the corner. I would HIGHLY recommend giving your life to Jesus and accepting the Gospel of Paul and believe on the LORD Jesus Christ that he died for you, rose again, shed his blood and sits at the right hand of the father and has a plan (external) for this saints. Please, say the sinners prayer and believe.

In God we trust,
Brian 🙂

Read about the rapture here!

Make sure you understand the book of revelation. Here is a great teaching! Also, great website to learn more about the future.

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