My 54th Birthday…………. Thanks Jesus Christ…….I am so thankful!

[I] am 54 today…. It’s Sunday morning and watching tennis on TV and drinking some coffee. I am playing tennis at 0700am today with my buddy Jeff. I AM going to beat him today!My daughter is singing at church today and my parents are coming to watch and we’re all going to a b-day lunch after the first service as my daughter has to again sing at 5pm.

I am really needing my left hip finally replaced. It’s just amazing how much you need your hip -especially in tennis! It’s nice to get all these “Happy Birthday” wishes from my Facebook and Linked In friends.

Most important of all, is how Blessed and thankful I am for Jesus Christ, my LORD and SAVIOR. I am a sinner and because he cared for me and went to the cross to shed his blood for me, I AM SO GRATEFUL. By his GRACE, I am forgiven. With my first PSA results, to the actual even finding out about the PC to begin with, to the Dr. Porter surgery, everything was a miracle for me and a chance for me to share my faith.

God Bless,
Brian 🙂

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