8 Weeks Post RP surgery

[W]ell it is hard to believe it’s been 8 weeks. Wow…………. time flies right by! I am doing pretty darn good. My only issue is my frequent urination. I swear that I am getting up at least 2 times a night and having to urinate 10-15 times a day, even if it’s just a few drops. I am not sure why? I am hoping that this too is a passing situation and part of the recovery process.

Tomorrow I will be 54 years of age. I am a Prostate Cancer Survivor and so fortunate to be here to write about it. Again, there’s no other way to explain the finding/removal and first PSA test revealing that the Gleason 9 was eliminated. There is a GOD and Jesus Christ is the ONLY reason for my miracles.

God Bless,
Brian 🙂

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