Well… 3 weeks today!!!

[I]t’s my 3 week anniversary. I was able to go all day today w/o a pad, but had a few dribbles! I got an email from Dr. Porter about my question about my bladder and how it felt that I always needed to urinate. However, yesterday I had 2 beers and part of a third (small part maybe one sip). I noticed that my bladder seemed to do OK and that perhaps I just needed it to fill it up more. To be honest, I have not been drinking much at all. So. Dr. Porter said this, ”

You bladder will take time to gain capacity and will be smaller volume for a while.

It was also my first week back at work and a relatively long week, but… all good!

We are going to the Cascade football game tonight… I think I am meeting with Dr. Poter’s marketing guy next week to give a testimonial. I told him that I would do anything for him since he helped me out.

Brian 🙂

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