13 days Post Operation… Up at 4 am today… couldn’t sleep

[I] woke up early today… not sure, but just didn’t feel like sleeping anymore. So, I got out of bed and took a shower, came down stairs and had a cup of coffee. Then, started looking around on the web. For some reason I ended up watching a few videos from the Dattoli institute. Well, this sent me off into a tail spin thinking, “Did I make the right decision” for my prostate cancer with my Gleason 9 score? Was radiation a better option? According to this site, it seems to state that their treatment is just as good as the radical prostitechomy. They reference an article for the UCLA study. High-dose radiation therapy as effective as surgery for aggressive prostate cancer

So, i started to second guess myself.. What’s new LOL! In all seriousness, I had read something similar to this this finding prior to my surgery and had actually gone down this rabbit hole thinking I would to the brachy therapy too! But, my first intention was to get it out and find the best surgeon with the highest skill set. As it’s important to make sure the surgeon has done enough of them. Exactly who is doing your radical prostatectomy for you? Is an interesting article worth reading. I am confident that Dr. James Porter of Swedish Medical group is the best and has the highest skill set of anyone on the planet. When I read that Dr. Porter knows Dr. Patel and that they have teamed up together before, my confidence came back around. The outcomes from Dr. Patel’s research are pretty darn impressive.

Well, it’s 5:30 am on a Thursday, and I am watching the Warkinka vs DelPotro match from last night. I think Stan is going to pull this one out.. 🙂

Brian 🙂

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