Tuesday Sept 6th, 2016 day… 11th day post RP surgery

[O]K….I almost forgot to put my pad on today. Yesterday, I swear I went to the rest room 20 times! One of my blood pressure medications, Micardias/HCTZ (80/25) makes you have to go.. So, it seemed like any drop of fluid in my bladder – it had to come out! This morning, I slept in a bit and took a shower right out of the gate. I then came downstairs had my morning cup of coffee and had my morning BM. Yesterday for dinner, I was very hungry and ate the entire plate of Teriyaki that my wife brought home and after that, had a few gas pains. I don’t think my stomach was ready for too much food at one time. To this date, I am trying to use this opportunity to also loose about 10 lbs as well. I find myself having random thoughts of just how lucky and blessed that I am. It’s still a miracle -one of many that the LORD has blessed me with. I can’t believe it! I have started (second day) of taking these 5mg of Cialis. I am told it’s the right thing to do and it’s still WAY too early for me to even begin to think about that stuff 🙂fantastic day

I love Haircut 100…. Their song, Fanstastic Day…. It’s so TRUE, just have fantastic day!

Brian 🙂

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