Day 9…. Some interesting observations

[O]k…………it’s Sunday morning following my surgery last Friday the 26th of August. I still can’t believe that I had the diagnosis to begin with. And then the surgery, pathology reports (great news) and now the recovery process. My original response to the catheter being removed is called a “Vagel” response. vagel I think it’s important to know that this type of reaction can happen. I personally had a catheter before when I had my aorticdissection. However, when it was removed, I was still kind of out of it and didn’t pay that much attention to it. However, with this catheter in for 7 straight days and working myself up about the removal of it, I partially think I am the blame for it happening to some degree. According to this article, you can get into this state of mind, and have the reaction based upon psyching yourself out! Ultimately, I think if you are one of those types of people that are skirmish at the sight of blood, then be prepared for this procedure as it can be a bit overwhelming.

Ok…one of the weird things that I am noticing (and actually read about this) is that when you go to urinate, the penis is now not as easily accessible. What I mean by that – it’s shrunk in the since that it’s gone back deeper into your body now that the prostate is removed.

I have been wearing my pad inside my underwear and it’s really not that bad at all. Now I can get the feeling of what our wife’s go through while are their periods. I do notice a tiny bit of leakage which is to be expected. However, I am honestly amazed that it’s so minimal and I seen to have about 99.99% control of my bladder already. It’s also day 2 of 3 for my antibiotic medicine since the removal of my catheter. My sleep is now pretty much back to normal, thanks so much GOD! My appetite is not quite there, still not that hungry. But… I can’t turn down a bit of ice cream! My coffee intake is back to my normal schedule and really hasn’t ever left 🙂

I have been watching the US Open Tennis Tourney and am excited about today’s matches.

Have a great day! Remember to give thanks and GLORY TO GOD…. I am so blessed and so thankful.

Brian 🙂

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