No cancer found to have spread outside the prostate…. Miracles Do Happen!!!

[Y]Dr. Porteresterday was my first week after the surgery meeting and the catheter removal. I ended up having a reaction to the catheter removal that sent my blood pressure to an extremely low level, sweats and nausea. I was basically a basket case for the next 4 hours. But.. I managed to get back into the room to see my wife and then Dr. Porter came in with the pathology report. The cancer had NOT SPREAD outside of the prostate! PRAISE THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! I was so thrilled to here that even though, my prostate cancer was considered the HIGHLY AGGRESSIVE Gleason 9, 4 + 5, it had not spread outside to the seminal vesicles or the 24 (12/12 each side). I can not begin to tell you how relieved that I am. In fact, I haven’t been able to actually celebrate as during the catheter removal I had that reaction that pretty much sent me into a very nausea related state for the remainder of the evening. There is a medical term for this and my wife knows it but, apparently 1 out of 30 folks have this happen to them.

I have to thanks Dr. James Porter as Swedish and his great surgery expertise. I am 100000% convinced that my scheduling my initial appointment to my final appointment post surgery (yesterday), Dr. James Porter is a true gift from GOD. I told Dr. Porter that I am more than willing to help him and he asked me about a video testimonial and so I might be doing that pretty soon!!!! It’s an HONOR to help him (as if he needs it LOL). But.. it’s the least I can do for him and his excellent staff. He’s a fantastic human being – I can’t thank him enough! I might end up doing a video testimonial for him too! As I asked him how I could return the favor. He’s TRULY and AMAZING Human being! He TRULY IS!

I am just so relieved, but.. this is TRULY another example of how Jesus Christ has blessed me and I am unequivocally grateful for this entire event. If you were to really look deep into how this call came about, it’s nothing but a MIRACLE. There’s just absolutely no other reasoning to justify it other than GOD himself.

I am so thankful for all the prayers from everyone! My wife, my parents, my friends, EVERYONE has been so loving and kind to me. I am still just so relieved that the cancer is gone!

God Bless and MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! Remember, get your PSA checked and have a yearly DRE exam. Do not wait around…. Use my example that it pays to plan ahead…. Actually, in my case, I didn’t do that. I was not even aware of the PSA test. But… like I have said, had it not been for the need to have my left him replaced for the 2nd attempt, I probably would not be around much longer based on my Gleason 9 cancer score. I now have another mission that that is to spread the word about the need for an annual yearly physical for PSA/DRE and starting at 50. Unless, you have a family history, get in at 40 for the first one and then 45 for the second. Do NOT wait!!

I can NOT also express the family component. My parents are a GODSEND. They are the best most loving, most compassionate Christian loving parents. Plus my brother, whom is unconditionally so wonderful as well as my wife.

In summary, this was one of those “Ah ha” moments where you really get a chance to see who loves you and how lucky you are to have these people in your life. My wife has been AMAZING. I had the utmost respect for her compassion and caring for me and her unconditional love – something that in retrospect I was kind of taking it for granted. And now that I see what’s happened and how the intervention of Jesus Christ has played a part in all these miracles, I TRULY LOVE AND APPRECIATE my wife. I am so blessed with a wonderful women like her.

Brian 🙂

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