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For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

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Ok.. Refreshed, Confident, Decision Final…… Let’s Go GOD……..Please guide me forward

[T]he internet can be both good and bad. In may case, I got sucked in a downward spiral this weekend thinking that my original decision for the Radical Prostitechomy was not correct. I thought the headbrachytherapy was now the right choice. Well, after further research, I had scared myself the the actual surgery was going to be too painful. But that the radiation side effects, especially bowl issues scared the HELL out of me!

So, again, thanks to the internet -especially You tube, I got my head back on straight and now confirmed my decision. I am going to keep my appointment with Dr. John Corman tomorrow and confirm everything and be ready to go. I just stumbled across this video and he was almost in the same shoes a me. His Gleason was a 9 just like mine that was reduced to an 8, but 8-10 are the aggressive kind that need treatment quickly. tree Have a great day, getting my oil changed at the Dodge dealer! Old Durango has 162K on it! Brian πŸ™‚

Just found this guys journey on Youtube. Pretty Kool!

OMG……………Decisions, Decisions, make a final decision please

[M]y oh My………. What a day or should I say weekend of tangents of different options. Why in the world did I think that my planned surgery for the Radical Prostitechomy would now be leading me to another procedure – the brachytherapy option. But… what about that option with a Gleason 8? It looks like the LDT version (seeds) would not work, rather it would have to be the HDT version which is a bit different. joyI found a video that I had watched before and this person had his surgery by a Dr. Arnon Krongrad, M.D. Apparently he’s a pioneer in this process with very high success rates. Here’s a great story from a Urologist point of few who had it done. I just found another story and this really is hitting home and making perfect sense. In his story he talks about emotions/decisions and then moving on with that decision and handing it over to God.

Philippians 4:6-7New International Version (NIV)

6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I really think that this is what I needed to hear today and get m mind back on track with my original decision to g o with the surgery with Dr. John Corman.peace

One more great success story I like his quote too:

At 69 years old, if I can do it, so can you. Trust in the Lord and leave all your fears at home. Come with a happy heart and you will go home with a happy heart and no prostate cancer and no pain.


[M]y wife and son returned last night from Disney Land. I had to pick them up at midnight, what a zoo at Sea-Tac! It’s Friday and I emailed my urologist about coming to see him prior to my surgery. I want to go over a few things, like exactly what is going to happen and will there be nerves spared? tennis1 Will he take out my right lymph nodes? Right Nerves? I am also going to see him as I have been unable to obtain the old “you know what” and was just curious as I believe it’s due to the “aggressive pc” and being on 20mgs of Lexapro doesn’t help! I have developed I believe a right shoulder impingement and my serve in tennis is pretty much non-existent. This is a problem as playing with a bad left him and now the shoulder issue, I am pretty much ready for the junk yard LOL πŸ™‚ In all seriousness, it’s affecting my sleep and given me some headaches as well as it’s just uncomfortable.

I am deciding if I am going to go to my USTA Sectional Tennis Playoffs in Spokane at the end of August. If my shoulder is better.

But, I also just bought some new Babolat Aero Pro rackets that I think will be better for me as with my shoulder, it will be a bit more powerful too!tennis I am watching this years French Open and the Olympics should be starting this evening.

Work is going good, I turned down the manager job as I don’t want to commute 3.5 hours a day and make less money! We are going to go down to my daughter’s new place and take some measurements for some furniture and grab some dinner. I just came across this interesting article about what “sex” is like after the surgery. I also found another one that is also very good at what to expect after the surgery. It almost seems to me that my sex life will most likely be over as it seems that way presently as I think the PC is really affecting me down there.

Have a great weekend!

Hump Day….. Pretty Darn Good Day!

[I]t’s Wednesday and my wife and son come back tomorrow from Disney Land – I can’t to see them as I miss them and so does my dog Tilly. Didn’t really think too much today about my PC. I ended up speaking with a buddy at work who had 1 of his 12 cores come back at a Gleason 4 I believe and his PSA is around 3.5. He’s going to have another biopsy in December of this year and hopefully remain on active surveillance. I am disappointed that I can’t play in the tournament tomorrow as I had planned on it and paid the entry fee. Oh well, I did end up getting my ebay buddy who bought my Head Radical Pro’s to send me my 2 rackets back and I took a $120.00 loss on my other Prince rackets that he bought from me. My buy high sell low has cost me literally thousands of dollars which is not good πŸ™‚sunset

I am finding it interesting that people I run into, whether friends or new acquaintances, I feel obligated to let them know about my situation. Or… do I just keep things to myself? If that were the case, I wouldn’t probably have started this site. Almost everyone is like,

“Oh… I am so sorry to hear that.” It’s like I now have been handed a death sentence and everyone knows about it.”

However, on the opposite side of the coin, I appreciate the kinds and sincere thoughts of HOPE, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, with GOD’s help, I can do all things and he can get me through this. sunrise Just as the sunsets and rises, so too shall this pass and I can get on with my life and finally get back to getting my left hip replaced so I can get back to play competitive singles tennis again!

My daughter had singing practice tonight and again this Friday, she’s singing at Church on Sunday…. I can’t wait!

Take care,
Brian πŸ™‚

P.S. Just found this nugget of information regarding RPT vs Radition:

Does one treatment work better than the other?
Right now there isn’t strong evidence to show whether surgery or radiation helps a man live longer. High quality studies that compare surgery with radiation for men with localized prostate cancer haven’t yet been completed. But a study is currently being done to compare the treatments.

Researchers have studied the past medical records of men who had prostate cancer. Most of these studies found that men who had surgery for localized prostate cancer were less likely to die from prostate cancer than men who had radiation therapy (external-beam radiation therapy). This seemed to be especially true for healthier men who were younger than age 65.footnote 7, footnote 8 Older men (over 80) and men who also had other serious health problems did better with radiation treatment.


Feeling good today

[I} played some tennis this morning. I was a bit rusty after taking off all last week. I also found out and had to default my match at the Washington State Open Mens’s 50’s division as I couldn’t get Thursday off due to some training in the afternoon. So, it will be a $50.00 t-shirt. Oh well, with my left hip and not playing as good as I can with a good hip -perhaps the default is justified πŸ™‚ I was excited to read some posts at the site. hope I am really convinced that I can make it through my surgery and hopefully get rid of the cancer all together and continue to spread the word about getting your PSA checked. I spent some time going over all my results on the Virginia Mason portal. It’s really very nice and Dr. Corman has documented a lot of information.

I ended up buying my old Head Youtek Radical Pro rackets back and I am excited to get them back as I really don’t know why I originally sold all 5 of them! LOL!

I am looking forward to my wife and son returning from Disney Land. The house isn’t the same without them. My parents came over for dinner last night and we celebrated my daughter’s 21st birthday.

Take care,
Brian πŸ™‚

Early start to the day……. still going

[I] took my wife, son, her sister her two sons to the airport this morning. We got up at 3:45am and I got them there by 5:45 am. Then I went back to play 1.5 hours of some singles with my buddy Jeff. Then my daughter and I went to church at University Presbyterian. Then we had lunch at her new place, there’s a PCC right below here complex. We signed papers and she’s going to move in next weekend. It’s like she’s going back to the U of W again for school where she had her own place πŸ™‚ It’s not really hit me that this is she’s leaving the next for a bit. She was a bit apprehensive, but I told her we’d be able to get out if needed and she could always come home as her bedroom would have all her stuff πŸ™‚chickadee1

I walked my dog for a bit and then came home and mowed the front lawn. I need to mow the back next…So, I am beginning to wonder if this blog is the best thing to do about dealing with my PC and my hopeful cure. I have been watching Youtube videos as well as Google searches for such topics. I really would like to get reinforcement again from Dr. Corman but I know he’s super busy and is probably dealing with many others, most likely some worse than me. Which brings me to my other thoughts, I thought I heard him state that my nerves on my right side of the prostate will be removed and that most likely my lymph nodes, not sure if both sides or just the right?

I found out I play my first round of the Washington State Open Tennis Tournament on Thursday at 11:30am, apparently I got a bye first round πŸ™‚ I am still fighting a bad left hip and my right shoulder (never had ANY) shoulder or for that matter Hip problems ever. Then all of the sudden, for the last 2 years, my left him needs replacing and not sure what is going on with my shoulder. I just want to push through it but my serve has lost 25 mph I bet which my serve was my strongest part of my game.

I believe that GOD’S wake up call for me is the entire reason for this PC. It’s a wake up call to really give my life 110% to serving GOD. It’s a MIRACLE that my left hip surgery was cancelled the first time due to no cardiac anesthesiologist. Had there been one available, I would have a new hip, but……….. I would most likely have aggressive PC spread through my entire body. Then, my second attempt in March this year, had my doctor (first time ever) not ordered a PSA, you know the rest. Why would my doctor order it? What sparked his thought process?

My first attempt, I had passed the physical and the hospital had their own Internal Medicine doctor to do my physical and I passed w/o a PSA test. Like I said, I had really never heard of a PSA. Why did he recommend me to go to the Urologist when my first PSA test was only 5.0? What if he said, let’s wait a year?

I actually haven’t talked to Dr. Steve since my diagnosis, but I think I told the team on an email that I wasn’t going to the tennis play offs in Spokane as I thought my surgery was then. However, I could go now, but…. I really don’t feel up for it and we have enough players. If I was at the top of my game with a good hip, I’d be there to help the team.chickadee

Well, it’s kind of weird around here on Sunday afternoon without my wife or son around. I TRULY LOVE THEM! I really MISS THEM TOO! One day at a time, one foot in front of the other, one breath at a time… GOD’s my ROCK and SAVIOR in Jesus Christ.

Brian πŸ™‚

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