The Day before my surgery

[W]ell, it’s Thursday morning. I got up around 4:55am and came downstairs for a cup of coffee and turned on the to find McEnroe vs Courier playing a match on the Pwr Shares Tour. I am at peace. Just got done watching a really good and comforting video about a man’s experience – it was really helpful to me. My biggest fear today is trying to figure out how to give myself that Fleet Enema. I actually have to do 2 of them, and drink this other crap. I watched a couple of Youtube videos on how to do it, but…I wish my wife was home today to help me! Oh well, it’s a small inconvenience to prepare for the surgery tomorrow.

My main goal is to continue to put my faith in Jesus Christ, that’s a given. To be a leader for others and not be afraid, but be STRONG and COURAGEOUS and know that “I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.”
It’s interesting that GODS PLAN for me is to strengthen my faith in him. I am really excited about this increased presence and fortitude that he’s given me.

Things to do today… Get my son’s car out of the body shop. He got rear ended recently and it had to be repaired. Then, mail a couple of rackets to an Ebay buyer. Lost money again on those darn things! Decided to try the new Prince Textreme Warrior 100, it’s John Isner racket. I need to mow the front and back lawns too! I bought a new bike helmet thinking I would ride my bike, but…. my left hip has really been bothering me. I tried to got for a ride and got about 1 minute away and had to come back! Ouch!!

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