My Reassurance that Dr. James Porter – Is the guy and his team too!

jumping for joy [I] wish I had paid more attention to this link here just to read some of the many happy patients Dr. Porter has! This has finally given me 110% assurance that GOD’s decision was correct… Or I should say that GOD”s always right… but… this sure help me believe GOD is in control! In fact, I would almost “jump for joy” that I am reassured and finally can quit trying to find more patient stories. I am getting really tired of reading things of which some are not great, but I try to just look for positive stuff.

It’s my moms birthday tomorrow and we are going to the fancy Canlis restaurant. She certainly deserves the best and IS the best mom ever.. My dad is great and the best as well too! I have WONDERFUL Christian parents who love the LORD.reassurance

Happy Sunday!
Brian 🙂

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