Trying to get ready for surgery T-Minus less than 2 weeks

[W]ell, as I am now less than two weeks away from my surgery date on 8/26/2016. I am trying to lose about 10 pounds and work out everyday UNTIL the surgery and when done with surgery and cleared – start walking as much as possible. which way

I am finding myself trying to watch every YouTube video on Radical prostatectomy stories that I can find. As well as ones with lymph node dissections. Why? Good question? I guess I am trying to find out other folks who in my shoes and that had a successful outcome. The real question is my faith. Why am I doubting that GOD is not in control and going to be ultimately responsible for the outcome and my complete cure – and that they will not find any cancer cells that spread outside the prostate. As a precautionary measure, the protocol is to remove the nerves on that side as well as the lymph nodes. foot

I played some tennis this morning. My shoulder is finally starting to feel better. As well as my new Prince Graphite 100LB arrived today. I need the extra inch with my left hip issue – that is for sure! I need to start riding my bike some, after I get a helmet LOL! As well as hit the treadmill and perhaps even the pool! I need to do something everyday until the surgery so my heart/mind/soul are ready to go.

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