Two Miracles in one day! Thanks and GLORY BE TO GOD ALMIGHTY!

[I] had made my mind up that I wanted a second opinion and that opinion with Dr. James miraclePorter at Swedish. Part of me felt guilty for doing it, but…. I said to myself, “who’s the best of the best” around her at the Radical Prostitechtomy. IT was none other than Dr. Porter. So, I had left them a message with his scheduler Jenn. I got a call this morning around 0800 am and I was just ready to drop her off, but I had to keep her on hold as I didn’t want for my daughter to know. So, what if I had called her back? After, I dropped my daughter off, she (Jenn) came back on and said, “Dr. Porter can’t see you till October 11th” is his first office appointment available. I was like……… (to myself) and felt a bit deflated. Then she said, “hold on for sec” and low and behold, a cancellation happened at 3:30pm. So, I got there today and met with his “fellow” for about 45 minutes then Dr. Porter came in. I liked him from the get go! We chatted and I told him how I ended up there. miracle 1He also told me that just because my CT/MRI/Bone Scan/Trus Biopsy were clear, that doesn’t mean I was out of the woods. In fact, he would have to remove the lymph nodes (a specialty that he trains folks all over the world) how to do it – in fact, he just returned from Florida, where he trained Dr. Patel and others on the process. He’s done over 3000 of these and I wanted to get to the best. So, the fact that I got the initial appointment was miracle one. So, Dr. Porter said that he was my guy and that he could help me. But… that old but… and the but was that he couldn’t help me UNTIL in late November. So, he recommended (like he did for the guy right next door to me) – his prior appointment, he gave him a Luperin shot (Hormone). This was to last 3 months and prevent the cancer from growing and that “hot flashes” and weight gain/lack of energy could be side affects.

So, he goes to the nurse to give me the hormone shot and.. he comes back and says, “hold on” and for some reason, Jenn his scheduler was still there – it was after 5pm. Then back he comes and says, “someone is definetly looking after you. I had asked GOD for a sign that I was in the right place. He says, Jenn found an opening that had not been confirmed on 8/26 at 0740am!!! Miracle two!


mir33This guy is so busy, he does nothing but surgery four days a week! He is TRULY the expert on the west coast. He also said he was the expert in the lymph node process. He said my surgery would be upwards of 4 hours!

I am so thankful to GOD!

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