Ok.. Refreshed, Confident, Decision Final…… Let’s Go GOD……..Please guide me forward

[T]he internet can be both good and bad. In may case, I got sucked in a downward spiral this weekend thinking that my original decision for the Radical Prostitechomy was not correct. I thought the headbrachytherapy was now the right choice. Well, after further research, I had scared myself the the actual surgery was going to be too painful. But that the radiation side effects, especially bowl issues scared the HELL out of me!

So, again, thanks to the internet -especially You tube, I got my head back on straight and now confirmed my decision. I am going to keep my appointment with Dr. John Corman tomorrow and confirm everything and be ready to go. I just stumbled across this video and he was almost in the same shoes a me. His Gleason was a 9 just like mine that was reduced to an 8, but 8-10 are the aggressive kind that need treatment quickly. tree Have a great day, getting my oil changed at the Dodge dealer! Old Durango has 162K on it! Brian 🙂

Just found this guys journey on Youtube. Pretty Kool!

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