[M]y wife and son returned last night from Disney Land. I had to pick them up at midnight, what a zoo at Sea-Tac! It’s Friday and I emailed my urologist about coming to see him prior to my surgery. I want to go over a few things, like exactly what is going to happen and will there be nerves spared? tennis1 Will he take out my right lymph nodes? Right Nerves? I am also going to see him as I have been unable to obtain the old “you know what” and was just curious as I believe it’s due to the “aggressive pc” and being on 20mgs of Lexapro doesn’t help! I have developed I believe a right shoulder impingement and my serve in tennis is pretty much non-existent. This is a problem as playing with a bad left him and now the shoulder issue, I am pretty much ready for the junk yard LOL 🙂 In all seriousness, it’s affecting my sleep and given me some headaches as well as it’s just uncomfortable.

I am deciding if I am going to go to my USTA Sectional Tennis Playoffs in Spokane at the end of August. If my shoulder is better.

But, I also just bought some new Babolat Aero Pro rackets that I think will be better for me as with my shoulder, it will be a bit more powerful too!tennis I am watching this years French Open and the Olympics should be starting this evening.

Work is going good, I turned down the manager job as I don’t want to commute 3.5 hours a day and make less money! We are going to go down to my daughter’s new place and take some measurements for some furniture and grab some dinner. I just came across this interesting article about what “sex” is like after the surgery. I also found another one that is also very good at what to expect after the surgery. It almost seems to me that my sex life will most likely be over as it seems that way presently as I think the PC is really affecting me down there.

Have a great weekend!

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