Hump Day….. Pretty Darn Good Day!

[I]t’s Wednesday and my wife and son come back tomorrow from Disney Land – I can’t to see them as I miss them and so does my dog Tilly. Didn’t really think too much today about my PC. I ended up speaking with a buddy at work who had 1 of his 12 cores come back at a Gleason 4 I believe and his PSA is around 3.5. He’s going to have another biopsy in December of this year and hopefully remain on active surveillance. I am disappointed that I can’t play in the tournament tomorrow as I had planned on it and paid the entry fee. Oh well, I did end up getting my ebay buddy who bought my Head Radical Pro’s to send me my 2 rackets back and I took a $120.00 loss on my other Prince rackets that he bought from me. My buy high sell low has cost me literally thousands of dollars which is not good 🙂sunset

I am finding it interesting that people I run into, whether friends or new acquaintances, I feel obligated to let them know about my situation. Or… do I just keep things to myself? If that were the case, I wouldn’t probably have started this site. Almost everyone is like,

“Oh… I am so sorry to hear that.” It’s like I now have been handed a death sentence and everyone knows about it.”

However, on the opposite side of the coin, I appreciate the kinds and sincere thoughts of HOPE, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, with GOD’s help, I can do all things and he can get me through this. sunrise Just as the sunsets and rises, so too shall this pass and I can get on with my life and finally get back to getting my left hip replaced so I can get back to play competitive singles tennis again!

My daughter had singing practice tonight and again this Friday, she’s singing at Church on Sunday…. I can’t wait!

Take care,
Brian 🙂

P.S. Just found this nugget of information regarding RPT vs Radition:

Does one treatment work better than the other?
Right now there isn’t strong evidence to show whether surgery or radiation helps a man live longer. High quality studies that compare surgery with radiation for men with localized prostate cancer haven’t yet been completed. But a study is currently being done to compare the treatments.

Researchers have studied the past medical records of men who had prostate cancer. Most of these studies found that men who had surgery for localized prostate cancer were less likely to die from prostate cancer than men who had radiation therapy (external-beam radiation therapy). This seemed to be especially true for healthier men who were younger than age 65.footnote 7, footnote 8 Older men (over 80) and men who also had other serious health problems did better with radiation treatment.


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