Feeling good today

[I} played some tennis this morning. I was a bit rusty after taking off all last week. I also found out and had to default my match at the Washington State Open Mens’s 50’s division as I couldn’t get Thursday off due to some training in the afternoon. So, it will be a $50.00 t-shirt. Oh well, with my left hip and not playing as good as I can with a good hip -perhaps the default is justified 🙂 I was excited to read some posts at the HealingWell.com site. hope I am really convinced that I can make it through my surgery and hopefully get rid of the cancer all together and continue to spread the word about getting your PSA checked. I spent some time going over all my results on the Virginia Mason portal. It’s really very nice and Dr. Corman has documented a lot of information.

I ended up buying my old Head Youtek Radical Pro rackets back and I am excited to get them back as I really don’t know why I originally sold all 5 of them! LOL!

I am looking forward to my wife and son returning from Disney Land. The house isn’t the same without them. My parents came over for dinner last night and we celebrated my daughter’s 21st birthday.

Take care,
Brian 🙂

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