Met my neighbor and long walk with my dog Tilly!

[I]t turns out that one of my neighbors is a PC survivor. I started thinking about this on my walk with my dog Tilly today.IMG_0281 I had a wide variety of thoughts while on the walk. For example, my site to being with, my site is to be “my prostate cancer journey and CURE, not “Hi, my name is Brian Tinsley and I have prostate cancer. Rather, hi, I am Brian Tinsley and a Prostate Cancer survivor and advocate for getting your PSA checked!!!! When I got back from my walk, I went out and stocked up my 2 bird feeders (squirrel proof). They are almost 20ft up in the air and I also had been having a few rats in my yard trying to get to the seeds. IMG_0282So, I put out 2 traps and got 4 in 2 days. I haven’t seen any since and that was 2 weeks ago. I also put a few trays to catch the majority of the seeds which seems to work pretty darn good. My wife and son leave tomorrow for Disney Land for 5 days and it will be my son who is 17 first plane ride. Oh yah….. I haven’t been on a plane in 20+ years! OK… Gotta run to Ikea…. as my daughter is moving out very soon 🙁 Yikes…………. I am going to really miss her around. Luckily we are keeping all her stuff so she can come back anytime.

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