July 29th, 2016-I still have prostate cancer

[I]t’s been since the 26th that I got my bone/ct scans and had Dr. Corman tell me that my cancer (aggressive Gleason 8 on 3 out of 12 cores) had not spread outside my prostate. I think even today, I am still looking back at that date and the initial date, which I honest have forgot (but have a close guess) that he called me to tell me that I had Prostate Caner.

Since the 26th, I have received many inquires as to how I am doing and comments of people praying for me both friends, coworkers, tennis buddies, family and probably others out there I have no idea about 🙂 I appreciate the prayers so much. GOD’s plan for me is to keep moving forward and get beyond this. The interesting thing is that I have an aorticdissection survivor on my site that submitted his AD story and it turns out that he’s got PC and has had the same operation that I am going to have. He emailed me and it was a great surprise to hear from him. Also, I have found a great Youtube documentary series here. This is a step by step great resource and I have watched all his videos and he even responded back…. A great and well done documentary!

I had also been driving myself crazy watching videos and reading stories. I sent back the PC book about the guy who had the PC cancer and was treated at LoMalinda via Proton Therapy. I decided I needed to make my decision and stick with it and not look back. There appears to be side affects with every route you go. But….. I am hopeful and based on Dr. Corman’s skills to have a great positive outcome.

Going to start back with some tennis on Sunday and start getting prepared for my official surgery date of 9/23/16 as that was the date for me. He’s busy!

Take care,
Brian 🙂

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