My Decision on Treatment and Why

[W]ell, there’s a ton of choices out there for Prostate Cancer. However, what is the right choice is completely up to you and based on your level of cancer. In my case, with 3 of the 12 cores coming back for “highly aggressive” and a Gleason score of 9, then changed to 8, it’s still considered aggressive. So, I made the decision today to move forward with the nerve sparing radical prostatectomy. So, Virginia Mason is now supposed to call me to coordinate the surgery date, it’s going to be around 8/24 or 8/26. I will most likely miss a week of work then work from home or half days.

I am a bit nervous about the process as would be expected. However, I have an uncle and a couple of tennis buddies that have had the same surgery. I still can’t believe the relief I feel from not having had it spread into my bones. That waiting and relief I got from Dr. Corman and the tests, I almost feel that I got a third chance at life again. I am taking it day by day for sure!

More tomorrow. 7/28/2016

I managed to get confirmation from Dr. Ben Starnes at the U of W and Dr. Gabe A. at the U of W, both department heads of Vascular and Thoracic Surgery as well as Dr. Allen Stewart at Cedars. All of them agreed I should be good to go for surgery.
God Bless,
Brian 🙂

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