Well… 3 weeks today!!!

It’s my 3 week anniversary. I was able to go all day today w/o a pad, but had a few dribbles! I got an email from Dr. Porter about my question about my bladder and how it felt that I always needed to urinate. However, yesterday I had 2 beers and part of a third (small part maybe one sip). I noticed that my bladder seemed to do OK and that perhaps I just needed it to fill it up more. To be honest, I have not been drinking much at all. So. Dr. Porter said this, ”

You bladder will take time to gain capacity and will be smaller volume for a while.

It was also my first week back at work and a relatively long week, but… all good!

We are going to the Cascade football game tonight… I think I am meeting with Dr. Poter’s marketing guy next week to give a testimonial. I told him that I would do anything for him since he helped me out.

Brian πŸ™‚

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tinsley-back OK.. I was back for the Monday morning meeting on the 12th and my sales team had shirts made for me. It was quite a nice gesture and surprise. They are a wonderful bunch of guys and I love supporting this team! My second day without my need for a pad – very happy about that and my legs are not as sore either today. The last couple of days, they have felt tired and achy and I was getting a bit worried. It was probably from sitting to much and not enough walking. I asked my doctor today if I can play tennis this weekend. It will have been three weeks since the surgery.

Take care,
Brian )

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2 weeks since surgery

I can’t believe that it’s been two weeks since my Radical Prostitechomy with Dr. James Porter. My left hip most likely saved my life. Moreover, my Dr. Steve Stukowsky at Mill Creek Family Practice and his inclination to order a PSA test with my standard blood tests for my 30 day surgery physical. There’s been so many things that had to go right, that there is NO OTHER reason or rationale other than that GOD via his son Jesus Christ and all my friends praying for me. I have been trying to walk everyday and get some fresh air.

I washed my car today and need to vacuum it. I was thinking of trying to mow the lawn too! Plus I need to refill the 2 bird feeders. I know I can’t get back on the tennis courts for another 4 weeks. I am going back to work on Monday the 12th of September, so it will be great to get back into the swing of things and feeling more back to normal.

Have a great day!
Brian πŸ™‚

P.s. My son won his tennis match yesterday πŸ™‚

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