My hip surgery is scheduled for 2/17/2017

Ok………… I am on the books now at Virginia Mason for 2/17/17. I am going to have Dr. Clairbaux do my surgery. He’s done a few other folks that I know with excellent results. I had to reschedule my appointment with Dr. Porter (first follow up) last week as I had a conflict. But, I did the video testimonial and I still don’t see it posted to the Swedish Urology site πŸ™‚

I am listening to a great speaker, The Genesis Files: The Meaning and Purpose of Creation | Faith & Science | John Lennox, PhD, It’s a great narrative of the history of the world and how GOD made the world.

We have our second match tonight for my USTA tennis team, men’s 40 and over 4.5/5.0 league vs Mercer Island. I am hopeful we can pull it out. I probably will try and play one more match before the my surgery, but not sure if I should as I won’t be of much help after my surgery for at least 3 plus months. Unless, we can make it to sectionals and hopefully nationals. Then, perhaps I would be able to possibly help with a good hip. πŸ™‚

God Bless,
Brian )

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Early morning…….Thanks to my dog Tilly…. Haven’t been here to post in a while

I have not posted in a while. So………..let’s get caught up, it’s my brother’s birthday today! Happy 53rd brother, I will see you tonight at the annual Tinsley dinner for your b-day and Kathy’s. I hope you will like your present! It’s been 4 months (Dec 25th) since my prostate surgery. I did a testimonial video for Dr. James Porter last week to show my unbiased support for him. It was something that I felt I needed and wanted to do. He’s the guy that saved my life along with Dr. Steve who did ordered my PSA test to begin with and to Dr. James Brevig who did my open heart surgery almost 14 years ago. I also just had my echo cardiogram last week at the U of W and will be going to see Dr. Otto to go over the results on the 20th of the month. I hope my valve leakage has stayed the same. Man……… taking a step back, it’s a TRUE MIRACLE that I am alive. PRAISE THE LORD as that is the ONLY reason I am.

I try and tell everyone I meet to get their PSA test and an accompany DRE with it. You must have BOTH to ensure things are safe. From the information that I have gathered you can have a low PSA but a DRE that might warrant further investigation if a “nudge” is detected vs the smooth feeling of the prostate.

Not sure what is going on with my dog, but I was up at 1:45 am and again at 4:45am. So, I hope I can play some good tennis this morning. Speaking of tennis….. my USTA league is starting early this year and we should have a great team, this will be the strongest team that I’ve had. My hip is still and issue and hopefully in early June, I will get it replaced by Dr. Clairbueax at Virginia Mason in Seattle. I can’t wait, having a bag hip just takes a toll on your life in general. It really does wear you down and I am sick and tired of it.

Well, make it a great day!
Brian πŸ™‚

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November 12th, 2016 Pretty Good so far

I am still doing pretty good. I am having some occasional leakage. Not sure exactly why? but…. it’s manageable. I still do not require any pads. Just got my 90 day Cialis 5 mg prescription and need to pick it up at Fred Meyer. I also heard Dr. Porter’s PR guy wants me to come in the first week of December to do a testimonial for Dr. Porter.

I have been playing some really good tennis and getting a new stringer called the Pro-Stringer. It’s portable and I am looking forward to using it.

Take care,
Brian πŸ™‚

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